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Title: Constructs
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash-fanfiction.
Length: 100 word drabble.
Fandom: Goodbye Chains
Pairing: Colin Lord/Banquo White.
Tags: SPOILERS, adult concepts, humor.
Author’s note: A gift drabble made for the authors of the wonderful and gripping webcomic “Goodbye Chains”.

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To Bind Them

Title: To Bind Them
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash-fanfiction.
Length: 100 word drabble.
Fandom/Characters: Lord Of The Rings RPS, with certain actors.
Tags: RPS, AU, crack, fluff.
Author’s note: Giftfic to a LOTR-fan. I never thought I would write RP-slash, but with the right motivation it seems I’ll gladly sell my butt to the devil. ;)

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Title: Assurance
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash-fanfiction.
Length: 100 word drabble.
Fandom: The Great Mouse Detective
Characters: Basil the Mouse Detective and his archenemy Professor Ratigan, the Napoleon of Crime.
Tags: Gen with a hint of romance.
Summary: Reflections in the dark.
Author’s note: Giftfic to Colonel Bastard. Inspired by the Colonel’s wonderfully dark Basil/Ratigan series.

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Som man reder

Tittel: Som man reder
Forfatter: Koe
Sjanger: Slash-fanfiksjon.
Lengde: 100-ords drabble
Fandom: NRK Lydverket
Karakterer: Kim Klev, Maria Horvei og Marius Asp.
Tagger: Crack-fiksjon, humor, fanservice, AU.
Pekepinn: En svett ettermiddag i redaksjonen…
Forfatterens kommentar: Jadda, dette har skjedd! (Eller, faen… nei, jo, i en alternativ virkelighet! Helt sikkert! Hver dag!)

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Still Life Sprouting

Title: Still Life Sprouting
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash-fanfiction.
Length: 100 word drabble.
Fandom: Anthropomorphism
Characters: Stonehenge/Giant Cucumber.
Tags: Crack, Crack Pairing, Humor.
Excerpt: “One day a giant cucumber wandered into Stonehenge…”
Author’s note: This utterly anthropomorphic adventure was sponsored by Enoch, your local fruit dealer. :E (And written for fun and 1more_sickpuppy.)

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An Unholy Itch

Title: An Unholy Itch
Author: Koe
Beta reader: sexkitten426
Genre: Gen fanfiction
Length: Triple drabble: 300 words.
Fandom: True Blood/The Southern Vampire Mysteries: the book series by Charlaine Harris.
Pairing: Eric Northman/Undisclosed character
Tags: Blood Drinking, Transformation, Intimacy, Humor, Crack.
Excerpt: “The full moon shone quietly down through tall windows and lace curtains. A multitude of sounds flowed in from the forest below, bearing witness of the variety of Louisiana wildlife – out on the prowl.”

Author’s note: This fic was inspired by the first two paragraphs of NoChick_fics’ Vassalord/True Blood crossover: “Breaking Cherry“.

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We Know This

Title: We Know This
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash-fanfiction
Length: 220 words.
Fandom: Eastern Promises – movie by David Cronenberg, 2007.
Pairing: Nikolai Luzhin/Kirill
Tags: Angsty schmoop.
Spoilers: Post-movie-verse.
Summary: Kirill and Nikolai talking it out the morning after things got real between them.
AN: Written because I can’t get enough of their angsting.

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Fanfikk-anbefaling: “Molefonken” av Rinkinkirs

Tenkte jeg skulle skrive litt mer om historiene jeg anbefaler på “Koes hus for anbefalt slash-fiksjon“, og bare for variasjonens skyld ville jeg begynne med en av de ytterst få gen-historiene du finner her. (“Gen” kommer av “generell” og betyr ikke-erotisk i slash-sammenheng. Mer om det i ordlista om du er interessert.)

Trolljeger Hans (Otto Jespersen). Foto: Magnet Releasing

Molefonken av Rinkinkirs (på Archive of Our Own).

“Molefonken” – herlig tittel, ikke sant? – er en crossover-fanfikk: en fanfikk skrevet for to fandommer på en gang, nemlig amerikanske Supernatural og norske Trolljegeren. Hovedpersonene er Bobby Singer og Hans (trolljeger, på bildet). Så langt er det bare skrevet to kapitler (1089 ord), men opplegget er så vittig og lovende at det er vel verd å lese det lille som er. Les mer

The Lampshadables

Title: The Lampshadables
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash-fanfiction
Length: Five chapter drabble: 500 words.
Fandom: The Expendables
Pairing: Barney Ross/Lee Christmas.
Tags: SPOILERS, Humor, Crack, Bromance, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Body Shots.
Summary: Ross and Christmas rub elbows. It’s “their thing”.
Author’s note: (Spoilers:) Quote, The Expendables: “Church (Bruce Willis): You guys aren’t gonna start sucking each other’s dicks, are you? Barney (Sylvester Stallone) looks suggestively at Trench (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Church laughs sarcastically] (…)”
- After that line, a slasher would think she’s watching the right movie, right? Right? Nu-uh, a little elbow rubbing between the two dialogiest heroes (Stallone & Statham) is as far as it gets. ;_; But, fear not, fangirl-squad is fixing it as-you-read. ;)

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No Place For A Love Like That

Title: No Place For A Love Like That
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash-fanfiction
Length: Ca 600 words.
Fandom: Spy Game
Pairing: Tom Bishop/Nathan Muir.
Tags: Angst, slash, incest, tragedy.
Spoilers: Yes, for major themes in the movie.
Excerpt: “I get the recruitment part. And I loved it, just as you must have thought I would. But you know, what I don’t get is that you chose to be my training officer on top of everything else. I can see the need to get close, but like that?”

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