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Øyeblikk for øyeblikk

Tittel: Øyeblikk for øyeblikk
Forfatter: Koe
Sjanger: Slash-fanfiksjon.
Lengde: Ca 180 ord.
Fandom: Beat for beat.
Spleis: Lars Andreas Aspesæter/Atle Pettersen
Tagger: Søtsuppe, UST, sangfic, ficlet.
Pekepinn: Stemningsbilde fra øyeblikket der Beat for beat-studioet stenger for kvelden og ellers dikt og forbandet løgn.
Forfatterens kommentar: Gavefic for scabby_foot: “Kan noen VENNLIGST, jeg trygler dere, skrive om, ahem, la oss bare kalle de den nye programlederen og pianisten i beat for beat. (…)

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Up Around the Bend

Title: Up Around the Bend
Author: Koe
Beta-reader: sexkitten426
Genre: Slash-fanfiction.
Length: Ca 8000 words.
Fandom: Supernatural.
Pairing: Dean Wincester/Sam Wincester.
Tags: Wincest, family, supernatural elements, sexual tension, sex club, glory hole, sex show, exhibitionism.
Summary: “The first time he noticed Dean sneaking off with a guy (a big, muscular type, even), it got Sam thinking…and wondering. In the end, he had a whole range of scenarios playing out in his head, and some of those worked better than others – a few were so good he even started substituting himself in the guy’s place. Not at first, of course; it felt much too shameful for that, but over the years he kept coming back. By now Dean figures in most of Sam’s fantasies, and indulging in them feels almost like sitting down in a comfortable car seat or putting on a favorite jacket: very easy and reassuring.”
Author’s note: Written for the “Merry Month of Masturbation Challenge 2016“.

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Truth or Dare

Title: Truth or Dare
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash fanfiction
Length: Ca 580 words.
Fandom: Professional wrestling.
Rating: Teen and up (explicit).
Tags: Dirty talk, humor, social games, porny pics.
Summary: “Who do you challenge, Orton?” Dean brings the conversation back on track.
“Well… you then. Same question.”

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Running With Foreign Objects

Title: Running With Foreign Objects
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash fanfiction
Length: Ca 4300 words.
Fandom: Professional wrestling.
Rating: Teen and up (explicit).
Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins.
Tags: Wrestling, humor, sex toys, first time, rimming.
Summary: “If he hadn’t had as much practice in keeping a straight, if deranged, face, he’d have buckled over with laughter, but as it was, he kept his find below the rails and straightened up again, crazed snarl in place.
“Now, Rollins, you’re really going to get it! You’ll get it so hard that you’ll see stars before I’m finished with you!”"

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Office Policies

Title: Office Policies
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash fanfiction.
Length: Ca 600 words.
Fandom: Suits (TV).
Pairing: Michael “Mike” Ross/Harvey Specter if you squint.
Tags: Unresolved Sexual Tension, Humor, Innuendo, Workplace, Office.
Summary: “This is again going into shaky territory for Mike, but he enjoys messing with their minds. Besides, to be fair, he started it.”

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A + B + O = S

Tittel: A + B + O = S
Forfatter: Koe
Sjanger: Real Person Slash
Lengde: Ca 900 ord.
Fandom: Norsk kjendis-RPF, Nytt på nytt, Trygdekontoret.
Spleis: Jon Almås/Knut Nærum/Thomas Seltzer.
Tagger: RPS, humor, omegaverse, mpreg, familielykke, manipulasjon.
Pekepinn: OT3 Omegaverse fanfiksjon med norske kjendiser, intet mindre.

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Gledestårer elsker ertende blikk

Tittel: Gledestårer elsker ertende blikk
Forfatter: Koe
Sjanger: Real Person Slash
Lengde: Ca 400 ord.
Fandom: Norsk musikk-kjendis-RPF, NRK Lydverket.
Spleis: Silje Nymoen (Silya)/Mona B. Riise.
Tagger: AU, søtsuppe, hjertesorg, happy ending, femslash.
Pekepinn: Fra full oppløsning til skjønn forening.

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Fullmetal Alchemist drabbles

Author: Koe
Genre: Fanfiction drabbles: 100 words each.
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist.
Characters, tags, warnings & spoilers: See each drabble.

The collection (last added Oct. 4th 2013):
The Demon Barber of East City
New Sensations
New Sensations Part Two
Slippery When Wet
Sex On Wheels
Serve And Protect

Authors note: This post used to contain my whole multifandom collection of drabbles, but it got too large to be manageable, so I split it it up. You can still view the whole collection with the drabbles-tag.

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Giving a Show

Title: Giving a Show
The English version of “Show“.
Author: Koe
Beta: The very pretty, smart, lovely and helpful Sexkitten. Woot!
Genre: Real Person Slash
Length: Ca 2700 words.
Fandom: Ylvis.
Rating: Teen and up.
Pairing: Bård Ylvisåker/Vegard Ylvisåker.
Tags: AU, angst, bromance, humor, incest, sex.
Summary: Damn big brothers; they can never give in.

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