Still Life Sprouting

Title: Still Life Sprouting
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash-fanfiction.
Length: 100 word drabble.
Fandom: Anthropomorphism
Characters: Stonehenge/Giant Cucumber.
Tags: Crack, Crack Pairing, Humor.
Excerpt: “One day a giant cucumber wandered into Stonehenge…”
Author’s note: This utterly anthropomorphic adventure was sponsored by Enoch, your local fruit dealer. :E (And written for fun and 1more_sickpuppy.)

One day a giant cucumber wandered into Stonehenge. Stonehenge, who had not been impressed by anything for centuries, startled, shrugged its mossy megaliths in wonder and thought “That’s one healthy cucumber!”

The award-winning cucumber, well aware of the henge’s monumental interest, decided to play it cool and just kept exploring the central stone structure. But as the fruit finally rested its crisp head against the ancient heelstone, a sigh went through the clearing, lush greenery fluttered and both knew that all was well (if crazily animated) in the world.

1more_sickpuppy replies: hahaha. and then Stonehenge fell down.

Koe: RULE34 FTW!