Title: Assurance
Author: Koe
Genre: Slash-fanfiction.
Length: 100 word drabble.
Fandom: The Great Mouse Detective
Characters: Basil the Mouse Detective and his archenemy Professor Ratigan, the Napoleon of Crime.
Tags: Gen with a hint of romance.
Summary: Reflections in the dark.
Author’s note: Giftfic to Colonel Bastard. Inspired by the Colonel’s wonderfully dark Basil/Ratigan series.

Professor Ratigan passes the apartment only by chance. He keeps to the other side of the street: well out of the flickering streetlights. Still he hears the violin playing its low, melancholic tune.

His steps slow as he remembers his confirmation day. Father had given him a silver folding knife and a simple speech: “You are grown now, Padraic.” Ratigan still remembers his mother sitting by his bedside that night: lightly stroking his forehead, singing that sad folksong – very low – until he slept.

He wonders distractedly how Basil knows, before he banishes the thought and wanders off into the night.