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Double the Fun

Double the Fun Header

Title: Double the Fun
(Engelsk versjon av “Dobbel morro“)
Author: Koe. The translation was done with the help of my excellent betas Ameneko and Sophia.
Genre: Slash fanfiction, “between-the-scenes”
Length: Ca 1200 words
Fandom: True Blood/The Southern Vampire Mysteries: the book series by Charlaine Harris.
Pairing: Bill(/Sookie)/Eric. The story is entirely fictional, with no bearings on the original books, characters or actual people or events.
Tags: Adult/NC-17. Implied violence, vampirism, consensual sex, slash (m/m).
Spoilers: Reveals content from “Living Dead in Dallas” (book two).
Excerpt: “The surge of fear and adrenaline in the air, the maenad’s intoxicating powers, the overwhelming smell of blood and madness makes both vampires want to sink their teeth into Sookie’s glowing skin and suck till she’s dry. The alternative Eric offers is better.”
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Dobbel morro

Double the Fun Header

Tittel: Dobbel morro
(Norwegian version of “Double the Fun“)
Forfatter: Koe
Sjanger: Slash-fanfiksjon, “slettet scene”.
Lengde: Ca. 1000 ord.
Fandom: “True Blood”/”The Southern Vampire Mysteries“: bokserien skrevet av Charlaine Harris.
Spleis: Bill Compton/(Sookie Stackhouse)/Eric Northman
Tagger: Antydet vold, vampyrisme, sex, slash (m/m).
Spoilers: “Living Dead in Dallas” (2002): bok nummer to.
Pekepinn: “Skrekken, maenadens overveldende krefter, blodlukta og galskapen. Bill vet at de begge helst vil sette tennene i Sookies glødende nakkehud og suge til det er tomt. Alternativet er bedre. ”
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